Books in Progress

We currently have two books in development. Both are authored by Marcel S Combs with Fred K Dent as Co-author and Editor. The creative stories come from Marcel S Combs while Fred K Dent assists with construction, editing and some of the descriptive passages about places and things. The story line, timeline and locations are a collaboration. These are definitely Marcel's creations as evidenced by the result of most of our collaborations. These stories are all fiction but they are based on real situations from personal experiences. The characters are composites of real people known to the authors. The names, of course, are fictional. Although the stories are set in real places (like the neighborhoods of Seattle, Portland or Chicago) the details about the neighborhoods are fictional. These stories should not be construed as descriptive of these neighborhoods as they may exist today.

Marcel's stories are Urban Fiction which he writes in a style that he describes as "Reality Fiction".  For more information about his style please read the About Us section on this site.

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