God’s Healing Grace

God’s Healing Grace at Work in Airway Heights Corrections Center

This account was relayed to us from inmates in Airway Heights Corrections center and, to the extent possible, verified through news accounts:

During the week of March 13, 2017, the Corrections Officers at Airway Heights Corrections Center minimum security “camp” (AHCC MSU) got a tip that someone had smuggled drugs back into camp after working outside the facility. The staff immediately locked down the facility and drug tested everyone in camp over a two day period. Those who tested positive were transferred out of AHCC MSU as soon as possible and faced sanctions or possible criminal charges.

AHCC MSU has a maximum population of 600 and usually has over 580 in camp at any given time. At the time of the reported incident there were around 550 in camp. Of those around 80 or so were signed up to go to the annual Christian event. To be signed up, one had to be a regular attendee of a Christian meeting for the previous year. Around 100 to 125 regularly attend Christian meetings (attend at least one service per week). Of those, a large percentage of them are in AHCC for drug and/or alcohol related problems many of whom are or were enrolled in the Chemical Dependency program. The Christian services regularly have anywhere from 1 to sometimes 6 or more respond to the altar call. The Christian community is very active and strong.

Of the 550 tested, give or take, 91 tested positive for drug use. NO CHRISTIANS were among those tested! None of the people signed up for the annual event tested positive and none of the attendees at the services tested positive either! Many of those who tested positive were either currently attending or had completed the Chemical Dependency program.