So You Think You’re a Gangsta? A Novel by Marcel S Combs; Fred K Dent Co-author/Editor

Stanley and Taylor are young teenagers who grew up in different neighborhoods and have completely different backgrounds one from a gang ridden inner city neighborhood and the other from a peaceful, middle class suburb. Taylor was raised by his single mother who worked two jobs in order to provide them. Taylor and his mother lived in an upscale, middle class neighborhood called Gresham, a suburban area  outside the inner city of Portland. Taylor’s desire to know his father would draw him into the inner city to visit his father and bring him into contact with the inner city gangs of Portland eventually being drawn in just wanting to be accepted.

Stanley grew up in the middle of the gang infested inner city in the heart northeast Portland. He witnessed firsthand the dangers of living around gangs in the early nineteen nineties. He tried to his best to live his life outside of gangs focusing on his education with his mind made up to someday leave the St. Johns area and break free of gang influence. His attempt to stay in school, out of trouble and away from gangs would vanish one tragic afternoon when Taylor and Stanley’s lives cross changing them both forever. Taylor and Stanley both are drawn into rival gangs for very different reasons. Taylor driven by his instincts to survive and Stanley driven by revenge until as twenty-something adults their lives once again dramatically cross. Both are set free from their tormented lives as gang members, one through death and the other through the healing power of Jesus Christ.


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