Urban Verve; A novel in three parts

Urban Verve

A novel in three parts:
Best Friends Growing Up  |  Betrayal  |  Redemption

By Marcel S Combs
Fred K Dent Co-author & Editor

It’s been said that “One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.” This is the story of three young men who survived growing up together in the drug infested gang ridden projects of south side Chicago. Each have their own story to tell. Two of them find their way out the projects one through education and the other through his athletic abilities both graduating from college and discovering their future living in Seattle, Washington, building their careers and their friendship.

The third friend never makes it out of the South Chicago projects. Instead he becomes deeply ingrained in a gang lifestyle connected to Chicago’s organized crime. He rises to power and gains respect and money. However, his gang can’t save him from prison. While in prison he devises a new plan involving his old friends who have no idea what has become of their best friend back in Chicago. This could be his fresh start. He could build his own new empire in Seattle.

When he is released from prison he calls his two best friends and sets in motion a roller coaster story of action packed deceit with turns and twists that lead to corruption, betrayal and murder tearing their friendship apart turning them into enemies. Set in the city’s growing gang driven organized crime drug business, three lives are destroyed by their past but through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ one young man breaks the cycle and breaks free from gangs.


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